Saturday, July 31, 2010

French Bistro

This fancy little place is in the most random part of Downtown LA, the industrial district. Let me start by saying, if you want to eat here, get a reservation! Church & State is a popular spot so without a reservation you could wait up to an hour for a table! (we waited almost 45 min on a Thursday night) It's a loud, fun restaurant/bar with a great menu and a great playlist (the music was awesome..they played a little Black Keys) If you're down to be experimental with food, order the Roasted Bone Marrow. It was pretty weird but edible! We also got Steak Tartare, Tarte Flambée (that pizza lookin thing), and the Rack of Lamb. This would be a fun place to go with a large group.

Church & State
1850 Industrial St
Los Angeles, CA 90021
(213) 405-1434


  1. Amber , what is this on the last photo ? and what you eat? is this pizza ? hmmm.. looks tasty !

  2. If you want to try marrow again, try the one at Animal next to Canters Deli on Fairfax. They top the marrow with chimichuri and caramelized onions and serve it with this bomb-ass bread.

  3. i've been to Animal actually, i need to post that one soon. but when i go again i'll be brave and try the marrow just for you!!

  4. This pizza looks delicious. I wouldn't mind having some :)

    French Course