Sunday, December 16, 2012

Coffee + Food

I cannot believe I haven't posted on here since JULY! Life has really gotten in the way, but I'M BACK! A couple months ago I discovered the best breakfast sandwich in the whole world. It's walking distance from my apartment so Andy and I have made a tradition of going every Friday and splitting a sandwich and some fruit. They also have delicious coffee. Sadly I will be moving next week and so our tradition will end but we'll definitely be back as often as possible cause this sandy is to die for!
Here's what's inside: arugula, egg, prosciutto and gruyere cheese  or the veggie version with tomato and egg
The bread is toasty and mouth is watering...

Coffee + Food
5630 Melrose Ave
Los AngelesCA 90038


  1. Umm...that sandwich sounds mouthwatering good! I might have to attempt to make it at home.

    Amber, I was wondering if you'd be willing to participate in a series I have on my blog called 5 Questions. Let me know!


  2. Thanks for the recommendation neighbor! :) And congrats on the place with Andy. So exciting. Happy Holidays love...hope to see you guys soon

  3. Love love love your blog!
    Just seen it today and I'm glad.

    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know :D

    Kenneillia M.
    The Style Vow

  4. Just found your blog, and I like it, but you should update more often!

  5. "Cool post!
    Much love,
    "Keep up the great work on your blog! <3

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