Saturday, December 11, 2010

Original Pantry

This is one of the strangest eating experience I've ever had. This diner in Downtown LA feels like it hasn't changed since the day it opened. Accepting cash only, with no menus, only food options printed all over the walls and open 24 hours, this place is like stepping back in time, specifically 1924... a much simpler time. Coleslaw is served as a side with every order. YUM! We ordered ribs, the pulled pork sandwich, the roast beef dinner and a good ol' NY steak. Besides the strange sweaty man that spent the entire time we were there going in and out of the bathroom, this was a pretty cool place! I'd definitely go back.

The Original Pantry Cafe
877 S Figueroa St

Los Angeles, CA 90017


  1. Hey, is it possible that yesterday you were in Italy at Malpensa airport? If it was you, you are stunning! Anyway, I like your blog :)
    Check mine out!

  2. None of you look like you eat at

    If I ever get back to LA I'll be sure to check some of these places out.

    P.S- I better get a happy Cappie and Casey ending. Sorry Greek is ending. I think I jinxed the show (always happens when I watch things Amber SO sorry. I did it to Lost too:)

  3. I hope Andy's plate tasted better than it looked.

  4. Andrea,
    Yep, that must have been me..I was at Malpensa earlier this month :)
    Thanks for reading my blog!!