Friday, October 29, 2010

My Neighborhood Pizza Joint

Robbie Mac's is my local corner pizza shop, and it is yummmmmmy! My friend Aynsley and I couldn't think of a place to eat one afternoon and thought pizza sounded good, and we were not let down. We also had those delicious garlic knots. I mean... you can't go wrong with garlic knots. Amazeballs. I guess this place is also good to go to for happy hour and to watch sports games. They have lots of TVs...ya know, if that's your thing.

Robbie Mac's
14502 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 914033


  1. It looks really goood. Those garlic knots do look amazingly delicious! I miss american pizzas, even if they're italian places there is something special about pizzas in the states. My visits in New York I ate at this amazing place, I think called californian pizza # Boss pizza! haha

  2. Samia here, from ShoesTV (yes the girl who invaded your closet). Robbie Mac is my brother's business partner! LOVE the garlic knots there, probably better than the ones in NYC. I'll be forwarding along your blog post to Rob.